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Helping online financial professionals write for their businesses in order to accelerate their online visibility, authority, and growth

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You are a numbers person, a financial professional.

So … why are you spending HOURS writing words instead?

Who I Am

My name is Heather Boyer

My background is a weirdly perfect cross-over for helping bookkeepers and accountants just like you:

  • I have a degree in Journalism
  • I worked for 10 years as a bookkeeper (yup, true story!)
  • And (fun fact) I’m an American ex-pat living abroad in Israel

When I moved overseas, my original plan was to build a bookkeeping business online.

But I kept hearing frustrated bookkeepers talk about this HUGE pain point + under-served need: content marketing for their bookkeeping businesses.

It felt like a niche specially-made just for me. So I followed the call.

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What I Do

I write for you so you don’t have to

You were always the smart kid in math class, right? So why are you spending so much time away from the numbers and stressing about writing?

  • Maybe you’re spending DAYS away from your bookkeeping work, just to write a couple of social media posts or emails
  • Or you know your website is clunky, outdated, or non-existent – but you have no idea where, or how, to start fixing it
  • Or maybe you want to grow your business with a blog or by selling an online course, but you HATE the idea of actually having to write it yourself

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How This Helps You

So you can get back to your work

Are you tired of posting content on your social media or website that no one seems to read, like, or respond to? If so, here’s more about how my writing can help you:

  • Your clients receive useful information in a warm and readable format (no corporate stiffness)
  • You no longer have to suffer that painful “analysis paralysis” that comes from reading (and rereading) your marketing content
  • And you get back your TIME – hours and days of it! – to focus on the actual billable work of your business that you love

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I am not a writer and Heather has been a life saver! Working with her saves me valuable time to work on my own projects. Hands down well worth the investment!

– N. Milley

I just finished a call with Heather. She gave me some great information about my web page and social media posts. She took the time to find out what I needed and where I was with my business and offer suggestions to get me started. Thank you Heather, for all your help!

– D. Orr

As business owners we tend to do everything ourselves. If you need help WRITING your MARKETING content for your business, Heather can help you! She is amazing!

– Y. Shebert

My Bio

Hey there! My name is Heather, and I write effective marketing content for bookkeepers and accountants. I have a degree in Journalism, 10 years of bookkeeping experience, and I’m an American ex-pat living abroad in Israel.

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