There’s no way around it – you need good written content to promote your business online.

But just because you need it, doesn’t mean that you’re good at writing … or that you want to do it.

So here’s more about how I can help you with that:


[ step one ]

we talk

First thing we’ll do is jump on a call, get to know each other, and create a customized content marketing plan just for you + your business.

[ step two ]

I write

Then just leave it to me, the chick with the journalism degree and bookkeeping background – I’ll start drafting the written content you need and communicate with you every step of the way to make sure it’s right for you.

[ step three ]

you post

Last but not least, plaster that killer strategic content on every platform you use! Once it’s paid for, it’s yours to use however and wherever you want.


Social Media

  • Facebook Posts
  • Instagram Captions
  • LinkedIn Articles
  • Facebook Lives (scripts)
  • Conversion from live video to written blog

Website Content

  • Branding Basics (taglines, mission statements, vision statements, even business names)
  • Strategic copy for website pages (Home Page, About Us, Services, Testimonials, etc.)
  • Blog Entries (monthly, bi-monthly, and a la carte)
  • Lead Magnets (“Freebies”)
  • Website audit + consultation

& More

  • Elevator Speeches
  • Written content for online courses
  • Speech scripts (for interviews on podcasts + social media)
  • And more!

What kind of writing does your business need today?


Still not sure why good writing and content marketing matters for your business?

No problem! You should know why it’s important. And how effective, affordable and powerful it is:

  • “Content marketing typically costs about 62% less than traditional and outbound marketing tactics” (source)
  • “Per dollar spent, content marketing efforts produce 3 times as many leads as paid search ads” (source)
  • “78% of consumers prefer to get to know a company via articles rather than ads” (source)
  • “70% believe that companies producing custom content are interested in building good relationships with them [and] 82% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading custom content” (source)

As business owners we tend to do everything ourselves. If you need help WRITING your MARKETING content for your business, Heather can help you! She is amazing!


Let’s get started!

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