Let me guess – no one told you just how much WRITING there would be when you started your bookkeeping business or accounting firm, am I right?

First the whole website thing. Then the relentless daily posts on social media.
Not to mention all the ten thousand possibilities … should you have a Snapchat profile? Write blogs? Maybe you should also start an email list (isn’t that what everyone else is doing?) Oh geez, now they’re saying you need to write a lead magnet, too??
And after you do all that … what time do you have left for the numbers in your business, after writing all those words for your marketing?
I know – you didn’t start your business to become a part-time marketing writer. You want to spend as much of your time as possible helping your clients with their numbers – but you know that you NEED to market yourself online. So what can you do?

… What if there was someone out there – you know, maybe a trained marketing writer with a decade of financial work experience, too – who could handle all of that writing stuff for you, AND help you get more clients?

Hi there!

My name is Heather Boyer

I’m a content writer and strategist for financial professionals, just like you.

And I want to help you write consistent high-quality content

To next-level your online marketing for your amazing business

And get more – and BETTER – clients

(Without spending HOURS of your limited time trying to write it all yourself)

“Heather is helping me build authority for my business on social media! I’m currently subscribed to her bookkeeper content, which includes both posts and prompts. I have so many people reach out and engage with my content and am receiving referrals because of it. Without her content, I was radio silent on social media. Now it is easy to fit this in!”

bookkeeper and business owner extraordinaire

“So, you write just for bookkeepers and accountants? … Why?”

Well – because I worked as a bookkeeper for 10 years

True story!

While I was going to school to earn my Journalism degree from The Ohio State University, I needed a job to get me through school (and later, my divorce). And while working as a receptionist at a local law firm, my role morphed into a bookkeeping position.

I handled time entry and client invoicing. I tracked A/R and A/P for the firm. I handled payroll tracking and submissions. I cajoled and threatened the attorneys to get their crumpled-up expense receipts. I reconciled accounts and worked with the firm’s accountant every quarter.

I got so good at it, I started getting small online bookkeeping gigs on the side, too.

And then I moved overseas. And at first, I thought I would just build the online bookkeeping work.

But then I realized the RIDICULOUS and ENDLESS amounts of written content you need to constantly create as an online business owner to market yourself. And in every bookkeeping group I had joined, I heard their constant stress and anguish:

  • “I feel paralyzed by my website – I don’t know what to write, and I don’t feel like I can market myself until it’s done.”
  • “Social media is so overwhelming – I know I should post more, but I never know what to write!”
  • “I hate writing! That’s why I went into bookkeeping – because I’m good at NUMBERS, not words!

And a little bell went off in my head

With my unusual cross-over background in Journalism and bookkeeping … I could REALLY help them with all their online writing in a unique way!

So I tentatively posted in one of those groups, “If I started a business writing just for bookkeepers … would something like that be helpful for you guys?”

My question was immediately flooded with 30+ comments, and I had my first client an hour later.

And that’s exactly who I continue to help today

Brilliant funny passionate bookkeepers and accountants, just like you, who just need a little help getting the word out about their amazing business.

And I would LOVE to help you, too.

Tony Robbins certified life and business coach

“Working with Heather has been amazing! She knows exactly what I want to say but most of all she says it in the way that my ideal clients understand! She is an amazing content strategist and wordsmith! I recommend working with Heather hands down!”

By the way, I’ve got lots of free resources available, too, to help you write for your business

Not only do I share weekly lives here on my Facebook page (which you can always find over here on my YouTube channel), I’m always creating new tools, templates and checklist to help you write faster and get better results from what you write

A dorky tattooed biker chick ex-pat artist

Alrighty – so I just accomplished the required tasks of showing you my professional chops, experience and background. I even threw in a couple testimonials from my clients, exactly as I would recommend you to do on your website.

But beyond that professional copy, I’ll bet you’re still wondering a little bit about who I am and what I’m like. (I know I wonder that about the people I work with online and don’t get a chance to meet in person.)

I’m an open and authentic person, and I really like working with people who are also open and authentic – so here’s a little more about me, just for the fun of it:

  • I’m from Ohio and moved to Israel in June of 2019 to pursue the love of my life – a native Israeli named Ido. We met in 2016 on a high ropes course in Sarasota, FL, and now we live together in northern Israel
  • Ido and I LOVE to adventure together: spelunking, class V white water rapids, hiking, skydiving, you name it
  • When I lived in the States, I had a motorcycle all of my own and I LOVED it (and miss it)
  • I’m also an award-winning watercolor artist (go figure, right?)
  • And a die-hard Harry Potter fan slash true-blue Star Wars geek, looooong before being a nerd became mainstream and Disney-fied
  • And, speaking of nerds, every September I used to rent a fancy dress and cosplay at the Ohio Renaissance Faire. It was the BEST.

Still wanna work with me?

Yeah? Awesome! Let’s do this

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